“I have a passion for construction and see myself as a true builder. I enjoy networking with industry peers and want to contribute on a broader level. ICR gives me the opportunity to know what is happening in the construction industry from the eyes of the contractors, designers, engineers and owners.”

Kelly Knable, MBA PMP
Ball State University

“By being involved with ICR, you get to be a part of conversations and hear perspectives that you don’t get elsewhere. This has helped me to be a part of something bigger. I get to hear the latest innovations from other industries and professionals. This makes a difference in practices for the future by learning where we might be lacking compared to others.”

Tyce Carmichael
Weddle Bros. Construction

“ICR provides a network of people who have a common bond surrounding the design/construction industry. We identify problems and seek solutions and come at these issues from a variety of angles and perspectives for the common good of the industry. I love ICR because we not only have some of the best, brightest and influential people in our AEC industry, but we have the unique benefit of having owners right in our midst. We get to hear their pain points and have deep conversations with the owners many of whom are existing or potential clients. That type of owner/consultant dialogue just doesn’t happen in any other association.”

Brent D. Crum, CPSM
MSKTD & Associates