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ICR is a non-profit organization serving over 100 Hoosier companies involved in the construction trades industry. ICR is the only Indiana association that exists to serve the needs of the construction consumer, or “owner” (the end-user). By doing so, it benefits the entire construction team from contractors to material suppliers and design professionals. Our governing structure insures that all members of the construction team have a voice in ICR’s affairs. Ultimately, our focus is on providing the owners with an informed voice in our industry; and, in providing programs and services that further our adopted core values. Our strategic areas of interest include:

  • Attracting and retaining a workforce
  • Workforce development, education, and training
  • Fostering constructive industry-wide communication
  • Use of delivery systems that follow ICR values
  • Fostering the development and use of new technologies
  • Encouraging the equitable distribution and assumption of risk between construction team members
  • Encouraging greater productivity industry-wide



ICR Diversity Initiative

In 2004, ICR decided to focus its efforts on the longstanding issues surrounding the underutilization of traditionally unrepresented groups in the construction industry. In particular, ICR wanted to develop a way to increase the participation in major construction projects by women and minorities. The group felt they were not efficiently using the resources available, and their projects were not representative of the communities in which they reside. Accordingly, ICR launched and developed the ICR Diversity Initiative.

The objective of the ICR diversity initiative is to implement a new manner of business in the construction industry that truly encourages, assists in the growth of and continually measures the active participation of minorities and women in the industry. To do so, ICR has developed a program that scores companies across a range of categories designed to reflect the weaknesses and strengths of a companies attempts at diversity. It provides a standard and system of metrics for comparison and accountability. The program is not designed to impute a punitive function, but rather so owner– members have a mechanism to judge and help encourage diversity.

Specifically, the program has four categories which are intended to impact the participation of women and minorities in the industry. The categories are: M/WBE Project Spend, Workforce Diversity, Mentoring of M/WBE Firms, and Education, Training & Ancillary Programs. Through these categories, the program will measure and report the total number of dollars participating firms spend with MBE/WBE’s, it will collect data on the diversity of the participating firms’ entire employee base from craft labor to office management. The ICR Diversity Initiative is available for download through the ICR website.

Mentor– Protege Partnering Program

The ICR Mentor Protege Partnering Program partners new and/or minority and women owned businesses (MBE/WBE) with long-standing established companies to help develop the available pool of trained and qualified applicants available to satisfy bidding requirements on both major and minor construction projects. Our goal is to develop a cooperative environment and the relationships between companies that are necessary to successfully help diversify our workforce, help build our communities and make our industry stronger and more efficient.

Membership Meetings & Networking Events

ICR and its membership companies and organizations hold quarterly meetings and networking events allowing professionals from across the industry to meet, engage in business, socialize and discuss events or issues of particular importance to the development of construction here in Indiana. ICR events focus on everything from safety, workforce development, and continuing education to diversity, improved communications, and increased productivity for the end-user. ICR member companies enjoy these membership & networking events for free.

Online Educational Offerings

Along with the quarterly meetings, ICR endeavors to provide, where appropriate online course offerings in conjunction with its partner organizations that promote ICR Values. A complete list of upcoming online offerings can be found at the ICR website.

Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation

The Indiana Construction Roundtable (ICR) was formed to represent the construction consumer and to connect them with the industry in a way that would be beneficial to both parties. The ICR board meets on a bimonthly basis and discusses how they can best advance Indiana’s construction industry. It is through board discussion that they were able to identify a need within the industry to grow the current workforce through making sure that every Hoosier had the knowledge and opportunity to pursue a career in construction and related fields.

The ICR board decided it was necessary to create the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation to address Indiana’s construction workforce and economic development needs with a targeted focus on safety, quality, and opportunity in the construction industry. Through the ICR Board’s dedication and determination, the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation (501c3) was formed in June 2015.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is dedicated to bettering Indiana and Indiana’s construction industry. The first program that was created to address the future of Indiana’s workforce is Build Your Future Indiana. Build Your Future Indiana’s goal is to get more young people interested in the construction world and to educate students and their influencers about all of the amazing opportunities available through apprenticeships and college programs with a focus on commercial, industrial, and horizontal construction.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation Board is forward focused. Programs that foster growth for underutilized businesses, reach out to women and people of color to bring more diversity to the industry, increase safety for the construction worker and the general public, and increase the quality of the workforce and the work being done in Indiana.


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