Build Your Future Hiring Fair: March 8th

Everywhere one turns in central Indiana, it is impossible to escape the amount of building that is occurring. One of the largest booms has come in Hamilton County. Often noted as the wealthiest county in the state of Indiana, Hamilton County also possesses a significant number of individuals who are looking to begin a new, high paying, in-demand occupation, and improve their lives.

The ICR Foundation is working with Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program, along with other partners in industry, education, and government, to expose underemployed and unemployed adult populations to the opportunities available in skilled labor. Hamilton County Youth Assistance will be hosting an Adult Career Fair, on March 6, 2018, at the Ivy Tech Campus in Noblesville, from 10am-2pm, in order to help these individuals find living-wage career pathways.

Check out this video for community marketing describing the fair;

The ICRF has allied with local and regional community organizations to help ensure that we can provide the highest quality candidates possible for your positions. If your company is hiring full-time workers with an annual salary over $27,000, we enthusiastically invite you to attend. This will be a great opportunity to have direct face-to-face communication with potential employees. So far, through our three events in Marion County, over 50% of the individuals who walked in the door left with careers in the construction industry, and most of them are still employed today. The ICRF’s goal with this effort in Hamilton County is to continue with this record of success, and maximize the return for your investment of time.

According to Hoosier by the Numbers, in construction, major maintenance, and related fields there were over 8,000 job openings in the fourth quarter of 2017, with an average wage of $23.75. We are looking to connect community with these opportunities, and fairs like this are exactly how we do it.

To register, click here:

For more information, contact Mike Thibideau at

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