ICR Foundation Wraps Up First Year

The Foundation exists to advance our industry by attracting quality young people to the construction industry, helping us meet our workforce demands. They are a relatively new organization, coming up on our one year anniversary on July 1st. They are currently running a program called Build Your Future Indiana, and have accomplished some amazing things in their first year.

The ICRF is teaming up with Building Excellence to highlight the amazing work the construction industry is doing to address the construction workforce gap. Some of the Foundation’s first year accomplishments include;

  • Reaching more than 20,000 people where they are (through in school meetings, tradeshows, job fairs, and education based events).
  • Commercials have been viewed 1.1MM times online alone.
  • Over 1/3 of our audience has been women.
  • Successful launch of a state-wide ambassador program, featuring 76 industry professionals covering a wide range of construction careers, who are actively meeting with students in their classrooms across the state.
  • Statewide Television Campaign – 30,000+ commercials aired in first year.
  • Have provided materials representing our industry to 1,080 schools across Indiana.
  • Indiana.byf.org has had 10,000+ individual website users.
  • Social Media Presence that is connecting students to careers and job shadowing experiences.

The ICRF would love to feature programs in our Building Excellence section that are working to build up the future of our industry. If you, your company, or a group you belong to is running a program and you would like it to be featured, please contact ICRF Executive Director, Ali Brown at the email or phone number below.

If you or your company is interested in helping out, please check out their website to volunteer and to donate to the Foundation’s efforts. Go to www.indianaconstructionfoundation.org. Please don’t hesitate in calling or emailing Executive Director, Ali Brown, with questions or comments; ali@indianaconstruction.org  or (317)805-1037.

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