ICR Foundation Launches New Capital Campaign

ICRF Executive Director, Ali Brown,

Dear ICR Members,

We are days away from finishing the first year of the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation. It has been an exciting year; we launched Build Your Future Indiana, met with students from across the state, had commercials air in all 92 counties, and increased the public’s knowledge of the construction industry and the great opportunities that lie therein.

As we begin out second year we are beginning a capital campaign to help us fund the current program, apply for grants for other programs focusing on construction industry workforce development, and pursue continued funding from the state. We would love to have your support. You can donate online today at our new website www.indianaconstructionfoundation.org. Please invest in the future of our industry!

Ali Brown
Executive Director
Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation
(317) 805-1037

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