ICR Event Series: One Week Left Until Next Event!

ICR Event Series: Perspectives on Project Performance

The long-term success of the Indianapolis Metro Area depends upon its ability to successfully expand and grow into the 21st century and beyond. Ensuring that a dialogue exists between the City’s different key design/construction/real estate stakeholders enables us to build relationships and more clearly defines the path to success that leads to long-term growth. Multiple Institutional Anchors exist in the region, and as they succeed, so do the communities around them. But, what do the long-term goals look like for an institutional anchor like IU? What do these goals look like for the Indy Chamber of Commerce? What do they look like for key developers? These are important questions! Ensuring that the short-term success for a project also leads to long-term value for all involved is equally important!

This ICR Education Program is going to look into many of the Indy Metro Area’s most prominent projects. They all contain a significant degree of complexity and logistical steps. When navigating through these long-term relationships, parties in these projects are all trying to fulfill their definition and expectations of a successful project. The ICR Program will answer the following questions:

Where do these expectations and definitions of success intersect?
Where do they differ?
What leads to a successful project?
What causes projects to fail?
How can we make the process better?
How do we create win-win-win scenarios for Owners, Contractors, and Community?

Please join us for this important dialogue on the long-term success of the Indianapolis Design/Construction industry.

Current Panelists Include:

Michael Huber, President, Indy Chamber
John Lewis, Associate Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities, Indiana University
Betsy McCaw, President, 16 Tech
Jeff Kingsbury, Managing Partner, Greenstreet LtD.
Grant Goldman, Sr. Vice President of Development and Construction, Ambrose Property Group
Brent Crum, Director of Business Development, MSKTD & Associates, will be moderating the event.

Register Here to attend, or contact ICR Association Coordinator Mike Thibideau, at mike@indianaconstruction.org, for more information.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM (EDT)
Indiana Landmarks – 1201 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202

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