February 13, 2020 - 8:00 am

State of Construction 2020

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The Indiana Construction Roundtable (ICR) is kicking off 2020’s educational programming with a session on the future trends driving construction and design. This program will feature presentations from an industry-leading expert on forecasting from FMI to talk about future construction trends in Indiana and a nationally acclaimed financial economist. Labor, commodities, technology, and political climate all have essential roles to play in the delivery of a finalized product. Indiana’s construction industry needs to be able to successfully adapt to these factors in order to deliver projects as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Featured Speakers

John “Jay” N. Bowman
Managing Director of Research, FMI

As a principal with FMI, Jay Bowman assists a broad range of stakeholders in the construction industry, from program managers and general contractors to specialty trades and materials producers, with the identification and assessment of the risks influencing the strategic and tactical decisions they face. In this role, Jay’s primary responsibilities include research design and interpretation, based on developing an understanding of the context within which these organizations operate. These draw upon many of the research services he oversees, including market sizing and forecasting, buying practices and preferences and competitive behaviors and response.

Publications to Jay’s credit include: FMI’s annual U.S. Markets Construction Overview, “Influencers in Construction,” “Assessing Your Alternatives: Should we expand the business?,” “Incorporating Customer Perceptions in Strategy Development” and “Conditions Ripe for Increased Use of Program Management.

Jay earned his master of business administration degree from East Carolina University. He received undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia in risk management and insurance. Prior to joining FMI, he worked with Aon Risk Services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Matt Will
Associate Professor of Finance
Director of External Relations
School of Business
University of Indianapolis

Dr. Matthew Will is an Associate Professor of Finance for the University of Indianapolis MBA Program. He has both graduate and undergraduate degrees from Indiana University in Bloomington, as well as a doctorate from Anderson University in finance. After working a number of years in private industry as a senior manager and executive, he began a career in academia. Dr. Will spent 9 years on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2001 he returned to his home state of Indiana and joined the faculty of the University of Indianapolis MBA Program. He has served as Director of the MBA Program, Associate Dean and currently holds the position of Director of External Relations.

Dr. Will is the author of numerous textbooks, textbook supplements and articles. One of the textbooks to which he is a contributor, Principles of Corporate Finance published by McGraw Hill, is one of the top selling MBA textbooks in the country. He has over 40 scholarly publications to his credit, in addition to countless columns and articles published via various media outlets. Dr. Will is a founding member of the Central Indiana Academy of Finance, one of the largest financial literacy organizations in the Midwest. He currently serves as vice-chairman of the board for this organization, is a member of the governor’s business law survey commission. He is a past president of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Rotary Foundation, where he currently serves as Treasurer. He serves on the Board of Directors of Cathedral High School, Christel House International and other organizations. He is committed to financial literacy and is involved in various projects to expand financial literacy among the youth in our community.



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