ICR’s Statement on Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict in George Floyd’s Murder Case

The Indiana Construction Roundtable is satisfied with the verdict reached in the trial of Derick Chauvin.

Finding Derick Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter may be a watershed moment in holding police accountable and providing justice for the victims of police brutality.

Nevertheless, the problem is larger than “one bad cop” or “one unfortunate incident.”  The trials of the other three officers involved in George Floyd’s murder along with the cases of Ahmaud Arbery, Daniel Prude, Caron Nazario, and Daunte Wright will all challenge the opportunity for accountability to prevail and justice to be served.  Ultimately, police reform is needed to reduce the systemic impact of racism and social inequalities in the criminal justice system in our country.

We will continue to stand with protestors exercising our 1st Amendment right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, to express our grievances with our government, and to support leaders who oppose racism, police brutality, and social inequalities in our country.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable will continue to lead through its initiatives to support diversity and inclusion and fair competition in our industry and our society. We are dedicated to bringing more diversity to the construction workforce, to increasing the capacity of diverse firms to perform larger amounts of business, to increasing the amount of dollars contracted to diverse firms, and to recognizing projects, organizations and individuals who successfully bring positive change in these areas.

We call upon all in the A/E/C industry to commit themselves as institutions, professional individuals, and private citizens to actively seek to eliminate biases and racism in order to create equity in our industry and society.

Jere Cox, Chair

ICR Board of Directors

Demetrius Glover, Ph. D.

ICR Executive Director

Statement on Recent Events

The recent unjustified killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd combined with the disproportionate effects of the coronavirus pandemic on black people have heightened awareness for many in America to the existence and impact of racism and social inequalities in our country.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable understands that the protests across America are in direct response to these killings and other abuses brought on by systemic racism within law enforcement and other institutions in America.

We stand with these protestors exercising our 1st Amendment right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to express our grievances with our government because we oppose racism, police brutality, and the heinous actions leading to the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable will continue to lead through its initiatives to support diversity and inclusion and fair competition in our industry and our society. We are dedicated to bringing more diversity to the construction workforce, to increasing the capacity of diverse firms to perform larger amounts of business, to increasing the amount of dollars contracted to diverse firms, and to recognizing projects, organizations and individuals who successfully bring positive change in these areas.

We call upon all in the A/E/C industry to commit themselves as institutions, professional individuals, and private citizens to actively seek to eliminate biases and racism in order to create equity in our industry and society.

Jere Cox
Chair, Board of Directors

Demetrius Glover, Ph. D.
Executive Director

ICR Launches Diversity Engagement Task Force to Study Capacity and Best Practices

Diversity has long been a focus of the Indiana Construction Roundtable (ICR). Since its inception in 1994, XBE engagement has been an ongoing conversation. That conversation eventually grew into the ICR Diversity Initiative, which build a comprehensive model for evaluating a project’s diversity beyond traditional project spend. This model has been utilized by multiple Owners, as well as serving as a foundation and resource for various public initiatives across the country.


The mission of the ICR Diversity Initiative, which lives on in ICR’s Mentor/Protégé Program, was to increase the sustainability and capacity of XBE enterprises in the state of Indiana. All too often, Owners and contracting partners would see well performing XBE contractors succeed and grow during a major project, only to vanish a few years later. By matching emerging businesses up with experience industry leaders, ICR has been able to help build a significant number of success stories, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of firms in the market.


This program is ongoing, but in itself is not capable of meeting the XBE engagement needs facilitated by an increase in demand across the state and, specifically, the Indianapolis region. Downtown Indy presently projects $3.49 Billion occurring within Indianapolis alone over the next three years, and that excludes the significant and ever expanding development occurring in the surrounding counties, and residential and heavy highway construction.


ICR Executive Director, Mike Thibideau, claims he has received more calls regarding XBE engagement over the past 6 months than he had over the past 2 years. “Private owners, developers, municipalities, public consumers, utilities, general contractors… every segment of the industry charged with XBE engagement has contacted me at some point in the past few months, looking for ways to meet their goals that do not involve utilizing a pass-through” says Thibideau, “I am able to refer them to a number of resources, organizations, and methods of community engagement through the ICR Foundation, but this demand from our members and partners means it is time to be able to provide more.”


From these discussions the ICR Board of Directors has expanded the scope of the ICR Mentor/Protégé Advisory Board, re-naming it the ICR Diversity Engagement Task Force. This group is charged with researching, compiling information, and, if possible, presenting recommendations, resources, and/or best practices based on their findings. This group will be chaired by Rosemily Geyer, President of Geyer Fire Protection. “There is no measure of success or failure in this endeavor beyond that of a soundly researched and discussed finding,” says Thibideau, “we want to make sure that our industry stakeholders are using every method available to build the capacity of their diversity engagement operations, and that they are also setting realistic goals for XBE spend based on the heightened level of demand regionally and statewide.”


ICR will be bringing in A/E/C member firms, as well as external stakeholders from organizations, institutions, and municipalities focused on this issue. If you have an interest in serving as a resource, or participating directly, contact Executive Director, Mike Thibideau, at Mike@indianaconstruction.org or 317-686-2669.

Construction Leaders Unite to Focus on Diversity

Leaders from throughout Indiana’s construction industry have united to focus on diversity in the industry’s workforce efforts through the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation (ICRF). Originally formed out of the Indiana Construction Roundtable (ICR), which is a commercial construction association, the ICRF has now formally brought together union and non-union companies who work in commercial, residential, and road construction markets. Diversity is a central focus of this collaborative effort.


Rick Wajda, CEO of the Indiana Builders Association, when asked about this effort, stated, “to best serve our communities all segments of the construction industry must come together for a cooperative effort. By putting aside our differences and shifting the focus to helping people in need, we will raise the tide to meet the needs of all construction employers, regardless of a business’ specialization.”


“Construction can provide not just a job, but a good living – and an even better life – for Hoosiers across all demographics,” said Richard Hedgecock, President of Indiana Constructors, Inc.


According to Hoosiers by the Numbers, in the fourth quarter of 2017 there were over 8,000 job openings posted in construction, major maintenance, and related fields in the greater Indianapolis region. These openings paid an average of $23.40 / hour, plus paid benefits. “This is a small portion of the total number of open opportunities across the state of Indiana in construction, and more open up every day,” said Mike Thibideau, Executive Director of the Indiana Construction Roundtable, “In every survey conducted of our members and members of partnering organizations, workforce development is nearly unanimously the top concern of the construction business community.” According to Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA), the average construction worker in Indiana is 49 years old.


Leaders from throughout the state’s industry cite a lack of diversity as a top concern for the industry’s future. “Historically, the construction industry has largely relied on referrals from their most skilled workers to identify new hires,” says Chris Price, President of the ICRF, “If John is a good electrician, and John recommends Zach, then Zach will probably be a good worker too. Until now, this strategy has been working. Industry has been able to meet the need of construction consumers, but this strategy has perpetuated the lack of diversity within industry.”


Price, through his work with the ICR Foundation, originally brought together all of the above named construction segments to focus on student outreach through Build Your Future Indiana. He sees this youth outreach as an essential component to addressing the future needs of industry, but sees more change as being necessary to make change today, and help individuals throughout the state find opportunity in construction.

“The construction industry is trending backwards on diversity,” says Price, “according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 1983, when the first federal legislation was enacted for minority business enterprises (MBE), African-Americans accounted for 6.6% of the construction workforce. As an industry, we are currently comprised of 2.6% women and 5.8% African-Americans. While diversity spending is helping to develop a network of qualified entrepreneurs, additional actions must be taken to reverse this downward trend in our workforce.”

Starting in May, the ICR Foundation will begin publicly marketing plans for a training model that will add focus to the challenge of diversity. This is a one month program, built with the intention of providing individuals with the skills and confidence to begin a career in construction. Built around national industry accredited courses and credentials, participants in the program will have exposure to soft skills training paired with education on hand tools, power tools, construction mathematics, blueprint reading, basic rigging and construction safety. The training will be offered at no cost to the student, and at the end of the program graduates will be connected directly to companies.


Price, when speaking about the program, stated, “with minimal outreach to nine regional construction firms, the Foundation has already identified 844 entry level jobs that need to be filled, at an average starting wage of $20.30/hour plus benefits. Never has there been a better time to bring about change. We have an opportunity and obligation to change the course of our industry, for the good of people in our communities.”

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation (ICRF) is a 501c3 charitable organization, with a mission to inform, encourage, and empower individuals to pursue careers in the construction industry and related fields.

State of Construction

The Indiana Construction Roundtable will be kicking off 2018 with a State of Construction

The 2nd Annual State of Construction will bring in an industry-leading expert on forecasting from FMI to talk about future construction trends, followed by experts from various market sectors. The featured speaker is Randy Giggard, Manager of FMI’s Market Information Group. He will be providing national and state overviews for construction performance in 2017, and discussing factors driving the A/E/C industry in the years to come.

2nd Annual State of Construction

February 28th, Canal 337; 337 W 11th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Other speakers include:

Following Randy Giggard’s presentation there will be four additional industry leaders speaking on behalf of their industry segments. Those speakers will be:

Julia SaltsgaverExecutive Director – Quality Connection
Rod Foley, Vice President – North Mechanical
Sam MishelowChief Strategy Officer – Meyer Najem
Greg JacobyPrincipal, President – Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf

Registration and networking begins at 7:30am, with the program running from 8-9:30am.




Build Your Future Hiring Fair: March 8th

Everywhere one turns in central Indiana, it is impossible to escape the amount of building that is occurring. One of the largest booms has come in Hamilton County. Often noted as the wealthiest county in the state of Indiana, Hamilton County also possesses a significant number of individuals who are looking to begin a new, high paying, in-demand occupation, and improve their lives.

The ICR Foundation is working with Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program, along with other partners in industry, education, and government, to expose underemployed and unemployed adult populations to the opportunities available in skilled labor. Hamilton County Youth Assistance will be hosting an Adult Career Fair, on March 6, 2018, at the Ivy Tech Campus in Noblesville, from 10am-2pm, in order to help these individuals find living-wage career pathways.

Check out this video for community marketing describing the fair; https://youtu.be/09zyZXK6ktc

The ICRF has allied with local and regional community organizations to help ensure that we can provide the highest quality candidates possible for your positions. If your company is hiring full-time workers with an annual salary over $27,000, we enthusiastically invite you to attend. This will be a great opportunity to have direct face-to-face communication with potential employees. So far, through our three events in Marion County, over 50% of the individuals who walked in the door left with careers in the construction industry, and most of them are still employed today. The ICRF’s goal with this effort in Hamilton County is to continue with this record of success, and maximize the return for your investment of time.

According to Hoosier by the Numbers, in construction, major maintenance, and related fields there were over 8,000 job openings in the fourth quarter of 2017, with an average wage of $23.75. We are looking to connect community with these opportunities, and fairs like this are exactly how we do it.

To register, click here: www.youthassistance.org/fair

For more information, contact Mike Thibideau at Mike@indianaconstruction.org

ICR Foundation Partners With Residential Builders

The past few years have seen a significant shift in workforce development efforts around the state of Indiana. Looking forward into 2018, leaders around the state have cemented this issue as a top priority for legislation, and more organizations than ever before are focused on tackling this issue head on.

We at the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation are committed to maximizing our impact, and bringing individuals of the highest possible quality into our industry in order to meet the building needs of Indiana, while also helping individuals realize their full potential through a rewarding career in the construction industry. We are focused on helping people by connecting them directly to employers and training opportunities.

Over past three years, through the Build Your Future Indiana campaign, ICRF volunteers and staff have spoken to over 60,000 students around the state in hundreds of schools. These interactions and efforts are an essential component of the industry’s future, and the ICRF is committed to expanding our student outreach efforts throughout the state in 2018 and 2019. With this goal in mind, we are proud and excited to announce that we have formally partnered with the Indiana Builders Association on our student engagement efforts. The inclusion of residential construction within this outreach umbrella will allow us to connect more individuals than ever before with rewarding careers in construction.

Residential, commercial and horizontal all have many attributes unique to their specific environments and business models. But there is more that ties them together than there is separating them. When considering a career in the industry, a potential candidate or student is faced with very similar pathways, strengths, and characteristics that embody a successful worker in the construction field. By working together, instead of separately, the industry as a whole is able to provide more information and more choices to these people than ever before. The more high-quality individuals who choose to enter any of these areas of construction, the better off the industry as a whole will be. Rolling out with this new partnership are new materials for educators and students, and an interactive quiz that allows people to see which construction fields they are best suited for.

We look forward to building what the future brings, and are looking to new, exciting ways for companies to get engaged. If you have interest in finding out more about how our workforce development efforts can benefit your company or organization, contact Mike Thibideau at mike@indianaconstruction.org.

Next Event: State of Manufacturing 9/14/17


On September 14th, from 7:30-9:30am, at Indiana Landmarks; 1201 Central Ave., Indianapolis, IN; the ICR Educational Event Series will be highlighting the Advanced Manufacturing industry in Indiana, and its intersections with commercial construction. Advanced Manufacturing is the largest contributing industry to Indiana’s GDP, and as such also contributes a significant share of the commercial construction opportunities available. The ICR is bringing in leaders from some of Indiana’s most influential manufacturing firms to discuss their investment in Indiana, experiences in construction and renovation, how technological innovation and integration affects their environments, and common challenges in workforce attraction.

Featured Panelists:

Ron Grammas, Director, Project Engineering- Ingredion, Inc.

Ingredion is a Fortune 500 global ingredient solutions company with 2016 net sales of $5.7 billion. For nine of the past ten years they have been recognized as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE magazine, and as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers by Forbes in 2016 and 2017.

Ingredion employs approximately 11,000 employees around the world. Their customers operate in more than 100 countries and represent 60 diverse sectors, including food, beverage, paper and corrugating, brewing and other industries.

Sue Smith, Vice President for the Technology & Applied Sciences Division and Corporate Executive for Advanced Manufacturing – Ivy Tech Community College

An educated, empowered, and informed workforce is one of the greatest challenges facing modern businesses in Indiana. Nearly 50% of companies in Indiana reported having open positions for the past year or more. In Construction this workforce challenge is felt by nearly every employer, and advanced manufacturing is in a similar state. With technological innovation occurring faster than ever before, advanced manufacturers are consistently adjusting the needs of their workforce, and their interactions with higher education. As the largest community college in the country and the leading provider of associates degrees in the state of Indiana, Ivy Tech is working to position itself to build and educate the workforce needed by evolving 21st century industry.

Bill Arndt, Supervisor- Urschel Laboratories, Inc. 

Urschel was founded in Valparaiso, Indiana, U.S.A., by William E. Urschel with his invention of the Gooseberry Snipper, a machine that removed the stems and blossoms from the then popular berry, and was widely sold to Michigan canneries. The machine could do the work of 100 workers a day.

Since 1910, Urschel has been designing and manufacturing precision industrial cutting machinery. From the invention of the Gooseberry Snipper to the development of the Comitrol®, TranSlicer®, and DiversaCut® series of machines, the focus has always been on finding innovative and efficient ways to improve customer productivity.

Urschel has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence by working in partnership with customers over the years to meet the ever-changing challenges in the marketplace. Increases in productivity, new products, energy-saving machinery, and cleaner, more precise cuts, are just a few ways Urschel has – and continues – to rise to the demands of this dynamic industry.

Moderator: David Holt, Vice President of Operations and Business Development- Conexus Indiana

In his role with Conexus, Holt drives the logistics agenda and developed, recruited and led the formation of the Conexus Indiana Logistics Council, a forum of prominent logistics executives, throughout the state of Indiana, and six regional logistics council in Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Central, Southwest and Southeast Indiana.  Under his guidance and leadership, Holt developed Phase I: A Plan for Indiana’s Logistics Future and Delivering Indiana’s Logistics Future, two strategic plans ensuring that those things necessary for Indiana’s transportation network are in place to enhance the environment for companies to grow their business, create a more attractive business environment to locate in Indiana, and create high paying jobs for Hoosiers.  He also moderated Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s Blue Ribbon Panel for Transportation Infrastructure.

Please join us for this important discussion on September 14th, at Indiana Landmarks, 1201 Central Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202, from 7:30am-9:30am.


Contact Paige Riley with any questions at paige@indianaconstruction.org.

Annual Event Keynote Speaker Announcement!

Gary Bertoline will be this year’s Annual Event keynote speaker!

Dr. Gary R. Bertoline is the Dean of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and a Distinguished Professor of Computer Graphics Technology and Computer & Information Technology at Purdue University.  He earned his BS at Northern Michigan University, MEd from Miami University, and PhD at The Ohio State University and was on the faculty in the College of Engineering at Ohio State for 3 years before coming to Purdue University in 1990.  From 1995 through 2001, Gary served as Department Head of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University.  From 2002 to 2006 in his role as Associate VP and Director, he led the creation of the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing and the Envision Center for Perceptualization.  He also served 5-years as the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the College of Technology before becoming dean of the in 2011.

He co-founded the Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC) as well as the Polytechnic Institute initiative at Purdue University.  The Polytechnic initiative is a major effort to transform the college’s curricula and learning experience for the students to better prepare graduate for life and work in the digital age.  Gary is the lead for the Purdue Polytechnic Indianapolis High School that will be opening in Fall 2017.

He has authored numerous papers in journals and trade publications on engineering and computer graphics, computer-aided design, and visualization research.  He has authored and co-authored seven text books in the areas of computer-aided design and engineering design graphics with one, Fundamentals of Graphics Communications currently in its 6th edition.  Gary’s research interests are in scientific visualization, interactive immersive environments, distributed and grid computing, workforce education and STEM education.

Monumental Awards!



Project submissions are now being accepted for the Indy Chamber’s 2017 Monumental Awards. In order to be considered, entries must be received electronically no later than midnight on Friday, July 28. Please follow the button below or visit indychamber.com/monumentalawards to learn more about the entry guidelines, 2017 category requirements and judging criteria.

Monumental Awards is an annual evening of recognition for individuals and businesses that contribute excellence to the built environment. Registration for dinner tickets are now open. Follow the button below to reserve your spot today!