2016 Sponsorship Available Now!

Don’t miss out on this year’s ICR Sponsorship opportunities! Below is a PDF files with application that your company can fill out. Note: Sponsorship’s come with a one year membership included in the pricing.

Click HERE to become an ICR Sponsor!

Our value:

  • We are currently in the process of rolling out a new standard for quality that closely parallels the process that the Coalition for Construction Safety utilizes for safety. The rollout for this program occurred on December 10th, and will continue throughout the year in 2016.
  • In October, the ICR hosted our 5th annual conference.  This half day event attracted 250 leaders from our industry, while focusing on workforce development and addressing the needs of our industry. The event featured 24 guest presenters, and provided unmatched education and networking opportunities.  We will continue to improve on this event in 2016.
  • In November, the ICR hosted 450 high school students, who had an interest in learning about a career in construction. The event drew a records attendance, and offered the most engaging and interactive format in our event history. Moving forward in 2016, we will be applying the model that we utilized at this event, and hosting similar events throughout the state. This year, the ICR formed the ICR Foundation which is entirely committed to the workforce shortages and to promoting our industry to students throughout the state. Beginning in January, you’ll start seeing a mulita-media marketing campaign called Build Your Future Indiana.
  • This year, the ICR hosted eight interactive membership meetings which featured our owner members, and focused on facilitating dialogue between owners around the state and the A/E/C industry. The change to event format increased our attendance by 600%, and helped to significantly grow interest and membership for the ICR. Plans are already underway to keep this same type of engagement with our 2016 events, while improving on the format.
  • The ICR Mentor Protégé Program has been working hard to partner disadvantaged businesses with mentors to build a stronger and more diverse workforce.  This program is invaluable to those who participate.  This year, we changed the format for the program’s quarterly meetings, which doubled the participation at our quarterly meetings. In 2016, we will continue to add partnerships and build on our success.
  • The ICR has volunteers engaged in ICR’s activities throughout the year with our Education Committee, Membership Development Committee, Mentor Protégé Advisory Board, Workforce Committee, and Industry Outreach Committee.

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