Mentor Protégé Program

The Indiana Construction Roundtable launched its Diversity Initiative (ICR DI) in the summer of 2007 with commitment and participation from its Board, members including contractors and other stakeholders that participated in a process that took several years.

The ICR Diversity Initiative Mission and Goals are to build a broad base of emerging business enterprises with minimum of two years’ experience capable of performing high quality construction or design services at competitive prices. The programs immediate goals are to:

  1. To increase the volume of work that emerging business enterprises are capable of winning-and profitably performing-in open competition
  2. To broaden the base of their activity, increasing the number and long-term stability of such firms, and spreading their activity throughout the building, highway, heavy industrial and utility sectors of the industry

The program is neither designed nor intended to meet any legal standards set by federal, state, local, or other public agencies.

Existing Mentor-Protégé relationships may apply for this program, however, a mentor or protégé may independently apply to the program. The mentor-protégé partnership will be established based on available mentors and proteges.

The mentor-protégé program goal is to pair companies in a relationship that each finds acceptable. The mentor protégé partnership may be dissolved upon written request by either party within 30 days. ICR and the Advisory Board (AB) will review all circumstances on a case by case basis.




Resources for Current Partners!

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